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File Backup Tips

It has happened to nearly everyone at one point or another; we have lost some or all of our data – whether it be due to a computer crash, virus, losing the only disc, or deleting the only copy. Whatever

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DS on Twitter

So we finally broke down and created a Twitter account. I have to admit I always thought it was rather silly but have been using it the past couple of months for iHoops and starting to use it for

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New DS Cards

We just received our business cards from BlackBooks and they look sick! I was blown away with how cool they actually are. These photos won’t do them justice as you need to feel the cards. They are on a nice

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App Store closing in on 1 Billion Downloads

Apple is closing in on another historic milestone, 1 billion app downloads. That is mind boggling considering the iPhone is less than two years old and the actual apps themselves have been around for less than one year. You can

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Stencils and Business Cards

A few weeks ago we ordered some stencils of the Digital Skratch circle logo and have some custom etched business cards coming soon from BlackBook Stencils. They are a cool company located in Fort Lauderdale that specializes in stencils, die

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Smashing Magazine – Backgrounds in Web Design

One of my favorite design sites Smashing Magazine just posted a new article about Backgrounds in Web Design. The article talks about the new trend in web design about using backgrounds as the main focus of the design. The sites

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