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Mobile and tablet screen sharing

I’ve recently discovered a cool for screen sharing and online meetings – Though it has been around for a little while it’s new to me. I have to say I was blown away with how smooth it was. Being

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Simple browser based notation tool

I was reading Smashing Magazine as I do every day and came across a cool site form their post “50 Powerful Time-Saves for Web Designers“. One of the sites that really interested me was Markup. It’s a very simple browser

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Local Mojo = Free Optimized Local Sites

Local Mojo is finally up! We’ve been working on this behind the scenes at AgencyWeb for the last several months. I designed the front end of the site and built the css framework. Again we worked worked with Luke and

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DS on Twitter

So we finally broke down and created a Twitter account. I have to admit I always thought it was rather silly but have been using it the past couple of months for iHoops and starting to use it for

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Crazy Fast Logos

Here is a video that features over 5000 Web 2.0 logos in less then 6 minutes. It is quite impressive and crazy to see.

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Mobile Tools

So it has been awhile since my last blog post. Lots has been going on with both work and personal things. With that said here is an update with some really cool Web 2.0 sites. I am going to start

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