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Cool Business Card Designs

I’m sure we’ve all seen the sites that show lists of “cool business cards” or “super creative card design” before.

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Laser etched cards

Digital Skratch is now proud to offer Laser Etched Business Cards and Invites as a service. Most business cards look and feel the same, and are easily lost or forgotten about. If you have a creative or innovative business then

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Horrible Photograph

I have recently seen the photo for this banner ad on a couple of different websites (Facebook and Yahoo) in a few different layouts. One ad is to encourage people who make less than $45,000 a year to go back

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Digital Skratch Skateboard Deck

So I finally got to paint my first piece! I had custom stencils cut awhile back from BlackBooks of the circle DS logo and put them to use last night. They showed me some techniques and let me have at

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New DS Cards

We just received our business cards from BlackBooks and they look sick! I was blown away with how cool they actually are. These photos won’t do them justice as you need to feel the cards. They are on a nice

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Stencils and Business Cards

A few weeks ago we ordered some stencils of the Digital Skratch circle logo and have some custom etched business cards coming soon from BlackBook Stencils. They are a cool company located in Fort Lauderdale that specializes in stencils, die

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