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Kid Tech Infographic According to Apple

This was probably one of the most interesting info graphics I have seen to date, it’s put out by MDG Agency. It shows the adoption rate and useage of tablets, mainly iPads among children and how it helps with their

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Drink better water and stop wasting plastic bottles

So I came across blog action day from Smashing Magazine. I thought it was an interesting idea – how something so simple as water can create so many issues and problems around the world for people. In thinking of a

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wow, it’s been ages since the last blog update. I’ve been busy enjoying my summer and have to say I have had one of the best if not the best summers ever. I was able to travel quite a bit

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My Letter to Apple

I have been a loyal Apple customer for years, have owned several computers, iPhones, iPods, personally and for my business, I also have turned numerous people on to your products. However the latest software update for the Apple iPhone absolutely

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Busy with lots of projects and updates

I’ve been working hard over at AgencyWeb on some internal SEO work for that site as well as Digital Skratch. It’s nice to see the results of this stuff happen so fast. Also have been working on an email campaign

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File Backup Tips

It has happened to nearly everyone at one point or another; we have lost some or all of our data – whether it be due to a computer crash, virus, losing the only disc, or deleting the only copy. Whatever

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Wow lack of updates…

Man it has been a long time since I updated this blog. I have been busy this summer. I helped to form a new web marketing company – AgencyWeb – so that has been taking most of my time. We

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Stay Synced On Your Mac

If you have a Mac and want to keep your calendar organized and synced up with co-workers and friends it’s simple with iCal, Spanning Sync and Google. First use iCal as your main scheduling program. Create different calendars for your

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File Organization

As a designer it is important to have lots of tools at your disposal – stock photos, fonts, brushes, backgrounds, vector sets etc. Over time it’s easy to start to accumulate extra files you don’t really need and use. So

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Digital Skratch has set up a blog! We will try to update this with useful content, information, links and anything design / art / marketing related. We have also started to publish articles on design related topics which we will

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