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Cool Business Card Designs

I’m sure we’ve all seen the sites that show lists of “cool business cards” or “super creative card design” before.

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Simple browser based notation tool

I was reading Smashing Magazine as I do every day and came across a cool site form their post “50 Powerful Time-Saves for Web Designers“. One of the sites that really interested me was Markup. It’s a very simple browser

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Password protect your flash drive or folders on a mac

The other day I noticed my little 2GB flash drive had broken off of my keychain. The good thing about it was it’s a good excuse to buy a larger drive! So I went to Office Depot and purchased the

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New DS Cards

We just received our business cards from BlackBooks and they look sick! I was blown away with how cool they actually are. These photos won’t do them justice as you need to feel the cards. They are on a nice

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Smashing Magazine – Backgrounds in Web Design

One of my favorite design sites Smashing Magazine just posted a new article about Backgrounds in Web Design. The article talks about the new trend in web design about using backgrounds as the main focus of the design. The sites

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The 50 Best Websites

Time Magazine just came out with their 50 Best Websites of 2007, broken down into 5 sections – Arts & Leisure, Audio & Video, News & Information, Social Networks, and Web Services. It seemed that the “theme” of most sites

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