Drink better water and stop wasting plastic bottles

So I came across blog action day from Smashing Magazine. I thought it was an interesting idea – how something so simple as water can create so many issues and problems around the world for people.

In thinking of a topic to write about I wanted to try to choose something that many people may not consider for another alternative for bottled water. The numbers are astounding on the usage of bottled water and the lack of recycling which is sad.

I have recently gotten back into camping and other outdoor activities. In my preparations of buying gear and supplies I discovered a few different water filtration options that may often be overlooked for every day use.

The first filtration system I purchased was the Katadyn Mybottle for around $40.00. It meets EPA guidelines for removal of bacteria and protozoan cyst. It can filter up to 26 gallons of water or about 140 uses of the 24oz bottle before the filter needs to be replaced. You simply fill the bottle up with any water source such as from a stream or even from a tap. As you drink through the sip straw the water is filtered making it safe to drink. If the water source is not the best I suggest pre filtering it with a coffee filter and then treating it by boiling the source for 10 minutes or treating with bleach – 2 drops per quart or 4 drops if really cloudy, wait 30 min and then run the water through your filter. This will not only ensure the safety of the water but also prolong the life of your filter.

I also wanted to try the Berkey Sport Bottle filter so purchased one, they retail for around $30.00. It functions in the same way as the Katadyn though is lighter in weight (the Katadyn is not heavy by any means) making it my choice for my camping pack. I decided to move the Katadyn into my car as a backup if I was ever out and needed clean water I would always have one with me. The Berkey Sport has a longer life with around 160 refills of dirty water and 640 fills of city municipal water making it a good choice for your every day use, easily getting a year’s worth of use out of one filter. The Berkey filters 99.9999% of E-Coli 99.9% of Toxic chemicals 99.9% of Radiologicals 99.9% of Heavy metals and 99.9% of unpleasant tastes, orders, chlorine.

Both filters come with the highest reviews and ratings and are a solid option for filtering your water on the go. There are dozens of YouTube videos in which people post reviews about both products and suggest looking into these if you are considering purchasing one.

These filters are a great solution to not only stop using bottle water but also ensures you have the cleanest water available no matter where you may be wither it be backpacking through the woods or running to a meeting in the city.

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