Password protect your flash drive or folders on a mac

The other day I noticed my little 2GB flash drive had broken off of my keychain. The good thing about it was it’s a good excuse to buy a larger drive! So I went to Office Depot and purchased the Lexar 16GB TwistTurn drive. Currently Office Depot has it for $40.00 so go check to see if that sale is still going on. I’m pleased with it so far.

After replacing the drive I then realized that if I did have any private information on that drive anyone who found it could access those files. So this prompted me to find a simple way to password protect / encrypt the data. After searching for a short amount of time I came across LameSecure. (Lame name, no pun intended). The program is designed for Macs but it works on USB drives as well. After doing some testing I found it does not work on a PC, it doesn’t show the files so they will be secure, but if you need to password protect files and transfer from a Mac to a PC this is not the best option. But if you are only working on Macs and want some basic security that is simple this looks like a good bet.

Download it

Launch it

Once its opened select the folder you want to password protect

In the drop down select both

Type your password and confirm it

That’s it

When you open the folder it will ask for that password. You can have different passwords for different folders if you want.

If you ever want to remove the password open the program, select the folder that is already password protected, enter the password, then click remove

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