Simple browser based notation tool

I was reading Smashing Magazine as I do every day and came across a cool site form their post “50 Powerful Time-Saves for Web Designers“. One of the sites that really interested me was Markup. It’s a very simple browser based tool that allows the users to make notations and markup a page right through the browser. The thing I love is that you don’t need an account, there is nothing to download or install. You simply bookmark the site in your toolbar, visit the site you wish to markup and click the link. Once you are done you can publish the page in which you are provided with a URL to email around showing your notations. The user can then make additional edits on top of that or start over.

From the drawing palate you can select from freehand, arrows, circles, rectangles, or lines. You can also select different colors and control the thickness of borders. There is also a text tool allowing you to the ability to type up explanations or directions for an edit.

I think as a web designer this application will be a good system for some clients to work with because there is no real learning curve or another login to remember. I know there are more elaborate apps and tools out there allowing for more detailed collaboration and version history but to me this is a great simple app. So make sure you check out Markup and let me know what you think.

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