Plastic business cards are durable, light weight, and come in a variety of colors to match your needs.

Plastic Business Cards

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Digital Skratch is pleased to present our quality cards made on plastic. These cards are quickly becoming our most popular option. Are you handing out cards that feel flimsly and look like every other business card you see? Never again will your business card get lost in the shuffle or thrown away. If you want to stand out from the crowd then you are in luck. Our precision laser etched plastic business cards and invites are the perfect way to make that good first impression - It's like carrying a work of art in your wallet. Plastic business cards show people that you are original and think outside the box. Perfect for entrepreneurs, artists, entertainers, designers, or anyone else who wants something different. Plastic business cards are the perfect blend of something that is cost effective and durable.


We currently stock 3 of our most popular plastic colors - Black, White, Clear. Our black card is extremly cool and classy, when we engrave into that it reveals a clear transparent that allows you to see through the card, still providing good contrast with the card itself. Our White card is super clean and elagent and like the black card when engraved reveals a clear transparent all the way through. Our clear card is very unique, the card itself is transparent and when we engrave your design on it turns white. Note the contrast of this card isn't as high as the black to clear or even white to clear but is a cool look that may be perfect for some. Minimum 100 cards per order. 3/32" thick (roughly the thickness of two credit cards). Custom sizes and bulk pricing available. How laser engraving works. We also offer dozens of other colors as well for large quantity orders, just ask us.




Plastic Business Card

Plastic Clear and White

Plastic Clear and White



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