Wood business cards are classy and elegant, but still warm and inviting. With three varieties of wood to choose from.

Wood Business Cards

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Are you handing out cards that feel cheap and look like every other business card you see? If you want to stand out from the crowd then you are in luck. Most wood cards that are offered by other companies are only a thin veneer not much thicker then a traditional paper business card. Our cards are 3/32" thick (roughly the thickness of two credit cards) and made of sustainable real wood. You can feel the difference when holding our cards as they have a nice aesthetic to them. Never again will your business card get lost in the shuffle or thrown away. Our laser etched wood cards and invites are the perfect way to make a good first impression - It's like carrying a work of art in your wallet.


Wooden business cards enspire classical tradition that only mother nature can provide. Perfect for builders, carpenters, woodworkers, designers, or anyone else who wants something different. We offer three different grains of wood available from Alder, Maple and Mahogany. When all three types of wood are engraved they reveal a darker color grain underneath. Minimum 100 cards per order. Custom sizes and bulk pricing available. How laser engraving works.


Alder Wood Business Card

Maple Wood Business Card

Mahogany Wood Business Card




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